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About Me

My name is Rafael Gomes and I am a visionary artist. I was born in Brasilia, Brazil in 1986 and in 1994, my family and I moved to Florida. I began exploring with art since I was a young child and learned how to draw mainly by replicating subjects that interested me.  Never thinking I could provide for myself with only my artwork, I joined the United States Navy in 2010. In the Navy, I was part of the Hospital Corps and was specialized in Cardiovascular Technology. In 2012 I was privileged to have been stationed on the beautiful island of Guam, running a cardiac services clinic.  Being highly inspired by all the natural beauty and culture Guam had to offer, I felt it was time to rekindle my relationship with creating art. I began experimenting with acrylics in 2013 and haven’t turned back since. Many things influence my creations, however spirituality is the focus of my artwork. Through the process of creation I feel I have been able to sacralize my connection to the world and center my own spiritual journey. My intention is by fusing sacred geometry, patterns, symbols and the human form for a vibrant multidimensional experience.